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Latitude S 35° 06' 39"   Longitude E 138° 31' 40"   Elevation 102 m

My family asked me what I wanted for father day this year(2013). I thought about it for a while and came up with a Weather station, as this would help me with my veggie garden. You see, I have an irrigation system that is running from rain water tanks and since I need to know how much water is on hand, it makes sense to know how much water I'm receiving from above!!
I used to rely on a plastic rain gauge, but never recorded the rain fall. So it made perfect sense to have an electronic rain gauge.

So after doing a little research I decided on a Maxkon WS-1081 with a PC link(USB port). I could transfer the data collected to the PC if I wanted to.
But then I found Cumulus weather software and was instantly hooked.
My first setup was on my media center(windows 7 machine) out putting to weather underground and Cumulus and was very happy with what it could do.


But I was then bitten by the Web bug and decided to edit the templates.........
* Added Observation pages which have observations every 30 minutes spanning over 5 days
* Added steel series gauge.
* Added 7 day forecast & Changed the overall colour and layout.
* Added scripts to take care of hourly/daily Jobs.
* Added a Foscam FI9805W IP camera to the setup.
* Started creating time lapse videos with scripts. Once everything was working well, I compiled all the scripts into a silent exe application, so no pops up would interferes with the media center.
Everything was controlled by a standalone schedule application and was working well................


As the poor Media Center was running 24 hours a day, I decided to setup another system.....So the Netbook was acquired.....
* Added HTTP JPEG capture.
* Added overlay script to output weather data into the image.
* Added motion detecting scripts & lightning detection with snapshot.
* Added sunrise capture script.
* Added Slide shows with lightning, nature shots & sunrises.
* Added Slide show to monthly time lapse.
* Added Season time lapse.
* Added Single shot yearly time lapse.
* Added 3G system warning via SMS.
* Added New icon links to every page.
* Added FaceBook like/share buttons to all pages.
* Added colour + background changer depending on temperature.
* Shots captured every 10 seconds now.
* New method of converting MP4's while keeping the playback time the same.
* Fully HTML5 compliant.
* Upgraded Netbook to a Toshiba Portege M800 running at 2.4 Ghz.
* I welcome the new station WH3081 with solar and Lux July 2017.

Custom script and powershell scripts run this entire process now.
This include, image capture, image overlay, hourly time-lapse creation and upload, daily time lapse for both site use and YouTube use,
email notification if camera goes offline, SMS notification on system error with weather software, email notification on motion detection
and lightning detection.

So I hope this weather station is useful to you and don't forget to check my Blogs out with info about making this site, veggie gardens and fertilizer injected drip irrigation with lots of and info.
And if you find either this weather station or Blogs useful, feel free to donate to the upkeep/running costs via PayPal at the bottom of this page

I even got my weather sites time-lapse video on channel 7 news as a backdrop for the weather with my name mentioned!!! :) **2 Seconds of fame**
A second time on channel 7 with my time-lapse used as the main video backdrop for wild weather :) **wild weather lapse**


Check out my video archive on my YouTube channel which has all my time-lapse videos created
Please feel free to donate to help with improvements and keep this site going with the link below(PayPal)
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