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Latitude S 35° 06' 39"   Longitude E 138° 31' 40"   Elevation 102 m


Daily Highlights
Every day at 7am, 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm and 6 pm a single shot is uploaded to show picture highlights of the current day.
Typically it will show sun rise, midday and the day end.
**link to Highlights** 

Lightning Slides
Since 11/8/2014 I've been using the Foscam's motion detection after dusk to capture motion, which was lightning.
Soon after that time, I created a script to monitor the camera's detection and start a timed snapshot interval.
This timed interval took a photo every 3-4 seconds for a total of 1 hour in the hope to capture lightning.
So far, There only have been a few storms that have occurred in that time and it's been successful.
This slide will be updated as more lightning is captured.
**New firmware has improved colors**
**Link to Lightning Slides**

Nature Slides
As the motion detection is on 24 hours a day on the camera, it picks up lots of motion.
Normally it detects clouds, the sun, jets and birds, lots of birds!.
So for a bit of fun, i have made them into a nature slide.
**Link to Nature Slides**

Sunrise Slides
Daily sunrise lapse, which is a single shot a day made into a slide.
A custom script calculates the time base on the weather station sunrise to automate the process.
I've seen some bright colorful sunrise, so I think they would make a nice slide show.
**Link to Sunrise Slides**

Monthly slides to video
The above are changed into a video per month and displayed.
I currently have video's right back to 2015.


Check out my video archive on my YouTube channel which has all my time-lapse videos created
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